Huge Art Deco English window

We are well known for our massive selection of stained glass - both old and new.



The new pieces are highly decorative and colorful. Perfect for hanging inside an existing window

for extra color or blocking unpleasant views. Hand made and copper clad, each colorful glass piece

is then soldered in the whole and these new windows and panels come in all shapes and sizes.

Floral, animals, and geometric styles abound.

Our vintage pieces are 120 - 180 years old and come from English homes and churches.

A huge range of styles and sizes, we have a grand selection of Art Deco pieces.

These older windows have either been reframed in more modern frames or

are still inside the thicker original frames and are suitable for home improvement projects.

The metal that joins these older glass windows is lead -

hence the alternative name for these windows - leaded lights.

Our door collection is also huge with always more than 12 in stock.

All sizes and with half or full glazed sections. Perfect inside or outside the home.